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July 2, 2017

Intralase Lasik Laser Surgery

100% Blade Free Lasik Surgery (iLasik/ Intralase Lasik)

iLasik, the latest available Technology for exceptional results is now available at Vision Eye Centre. Over 15 Million Procedures have been done so far world over with proven results and still counting. Vision Eye Centre offers iLASIK  that is a combination of IntraLase and Advanced CustomVue Technologies and delivers highest level of customized laser vision correction, achieving results beyond 20/20 vision. iLasik Technology is used by NASA astronauts for laser vision correction, thus validating the safety, precision and highest level of performance of the procedure.

iDesign – High Definition wavefront guided Intralase Femtosecond Blade Free LASIK

Vison Eye Centre is committed to offer the ultimate advancement in Technology the world over for Glasses Removal – iDesign – High Definition wavefront guided Intralase Femtosecond Blade Free Vision Correction. This Technology, offers the Surgeons facility to achieve beyond 20/20.

Worldwide more than 4 million procedures have been done using IntraLase Technology, thus making it a number one choice. This is a fully computer guided procedure, is 100% blade free and has replaced the mechanical motorized controlled flap by Microkeratome.

iLasik Laser Surgery Comprises following steps

Comprehensive Eye Assessment using Wave Scan Wave Front System. The system captures 3-D map of unique irregularities of the eyes while the Iris Registration reads the specific characteristics of the iris using Intralase FS Laser to create Corneal Flaps. In the earlier system, a handheld microkeratome blade was used. The INTRALASE laser creates a more precise flap and is also safer method for the patient. This technique is replacing the traditional system of creating a flap by the mechanical device, Microkerotome that uses the blade technology. The IntraLase Femtosecond laser technology is world’s best and also the first fully bladeless laser technology for creation of flap.

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