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July 29, 2018

Lasik Eye Surgery in Delhi

What is Lasik Eye Surgery?

LASIK or Lasik (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) Lasik Surgery is a refractive Surgery which corrects refractive error (Myopia , Hypermetropia, Astigmatism) by changing curvature of cornea. Eye laser surgery reshapes the cornea so that the light is focussed precisely on the retina again. The correction is made in the stroma, the thickest and firmest part of the cornea. After the treatment, the cornea keeps its new shape for life. Therefore, the effect of the treatment is permanent.

Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure

During surgery first of all corneal flap is made either with microkeratome blade or with femto second laser , then corneal bed is ablated with excimer laser which alters the corneal curvature and corrects refractive errors. Flap is placed back on its original position without any suture.

Lasik Eye Surgery Success rate

Success rate of lasik surgery with recent and advanced techniques is 99.9 %. Complications after surgery are rare now a days.

Advantages of Lasik Eye Surgery

  • Freedom from glasses
  • Clarity of vision
  • Cosmetically better appearance as large power of glasses make eyes smaller or larger on appearance
  • Can enjoy water sports & swimming

Disadvantages of Lasik Eye Surgery

  • During surgery there can be flap related complications like free cap, button hole and irregular flap, but these are seen in cases in where blade is used to create flap and rare with femto second laser use.
  • Side effects of LASIK may be watery eyes, a burning or scratchy sensation or mild discomfort. These symptoms usually subside within the first few days following surgery.
  • Other risks include reduced vision in low light, overcorrection, undercorrection, induced astigmatism, glare or halos around lights and double vision. These risks may affect the visual acuity, particularly at night.
  • Some patients experience a sensation of dryness. Your may be recommended to use lubricating drops. While many people see clearly after the first week, in some cases, vision may still seem slightly hazy or blurry.
  • You may have trouble seeing in low light and may be sensitive to bright light or see halos. Everyone responds differently, but typically these symptoms diminish within weeks, if not days, as the eye heals.
  • If you experience severe pain, or if vision worsens, contact your surgeon immediately.

Preparation for LASIK surgery

  • Before surgery you have to undergo thorough examination of your eyes with detailed refraction.
  • Refraction is confirmed by wavefront guided I-design.
  • Dilated retinal examination including periphery is required.
  • On the day of surgery patient is instructed to take bath, light breakfast, allowed to take his or her routine medicines and not to use cosmetics on eyes and face.

Expectation After LASIK surgery

  • After surgery patient needs to take rest for around 3 days and to use eye drops for few weeks.
  • Most of the vision clears by postop day 1 and it keeps on improving gradually over a couple of weeks and months.
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