Lasik Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi - Choosing the Best Laser Eye Center | Vision Eye Centre

Lasik Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi - Choosing the Best Laser Eye Center | Vision Eye Centre
Lasik Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi - Choosing the Best Laser Eye Center | Vision Eye Centre

Dec 2, 2023

Technological advancements have brought newer solutions to health problems, with eye care no exception. Among people suffering from vision problems like myopia, astigmatism, or such, the boon from technology is the Lasik surgery.


At its most basic, Lasik surgery uses a laser to reshape the eye’s cornea and make it efficient in responding to refractive light without the need for glasses or contact lenses. Among various cities in the world, Lasik eye surgery in Delhi is regarded as highly reliable.


In this blog, we bring you information on types of Lasik surgery, procedures involved in laser eye surgery, Lasik eye surgery costs, and guidelines for choosing the best Lasik surgery eye hospital.

What are the types of  Lasik surgery?

There are highly capable and qualified eye surgeons in Delhi who are adept at performing the Lasik surgery. While Laser eye surgery is of various types, some of the common ones include:

Traditional Lasik Surgery Format

Similar to other Lasik surgeries, the objective in this case is to eliminate the need for glasses. It works on the concept of creating a corneal flap that would, in turn, rectify the power of vision. At its most basic, it involves the removal of spectacles using a blade. The process has been in place for quite a while and is gradually evolving.

Femtosecond Lasik

Compared to the previous technique, this is superior and applies sophisticated technologies to ensure premium laser vision correction. In essence, the technique uses two lasers - Femto laser and Excimer Laser to work towards the correction of vision.

SMILE Laser Eye Surgery

Contrary to the conventional format of Lasik surgery, the SMILE technique involves a bladeless procedure and obviates the need to create a corneal flap. This format of Lasik surgery is particularly recommended for patients suffering from myopia or short-sightedness.

iLasik and Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery

Regarded as the supreme, advanced formats of Lasik surgery, the iLasik surgery involves measuring the wavefront aberrations of the using a specialised equipment called the iDesign where Contoura Vision surgery uses an equipment called Topolyser to measure and treat additional aberrations and irregularities in your eye besides just your glass power. Experts claim that these surgeries offers better vision than any other, and in most cases, the vision is 6/5 or 6/4 or even better.

How is Lasik surgery performed?

Before the surgery

Your eye specialist will explain to you how to prepare. The day before the surgery, you must stop applying lotions, creations, perfumes, or any beauty products, as they increase the risk of infection. Ask someone to drive you to the clinic or healthcare center for the surgery.

During the surgery

  • The surgeon will put drops in your eyes so they turn numb and you don’t feel pain.
  • Next, they will place devices like a suction ring and eyelid speculum to keep the eyes in position, preventing blinking.
  • Now, the surgeon lifts and folds the flap in the cornea. This is called corneal flap.
  • Next, you need to focus on a light aimed at your eye. While you look there, the surgeon uses the laser to reshape your cornea.
  • Finally, the surgeon would put your corneal flap back in place. It attaches immediately and heals while you go home.

After the surgery

The Lasik surgery usually takes a maximum of 30 minutes. Once it’s done, you will experience a clear vision without glasses or contact lenses. Mostly, patients can go home after the surgery unless, in some unusual cases, they experience some abnormalities.


Your eye specialist would advise you on the precautions and any restrictions.

Guidelines to Choose the Best Lasik Surgery Eye Hospital

Lasik surgery, while painless, is as critical as any other surgery. That said, you need to follow the below pointers to ensure you avail of the best eye care service and experience a comfortable treatment.


Expertise of Surgeons

Any surgery, including Lasik, calls for an expert level of knowledge, experience, and profound dedication on the part of the team of surgeons. While the process is relatively simple, it requires highly proficient and skilled doctors to ensure your treatment and recovery are normal. Before you seek an eye specialist’s service, check the reviews, consult your family and friends, and get recommendations from other patients or doctors.


It is usually not possible for a surgeon to be skilled in multiple Lasik surgery formats as they offer specialized services. For instance, if an eye specialist has expertise in a Traditional form of surgery, they may not be so skilled or confident in other formats like Femtosecond or such. That’s why you must thoroughly enquire about the credentials and, most importantly, if the surgeon is currently in practice.

Technology-enabled hospitals

Another key factor to consider is the extent of technology assistance the hospital or the healthcare center can offer. Lasik surgery is one of the advanced eye surgeries, requiring robust and latest technologies to perform. In case you get admitted to a hospital with a lack of adequate provisions for technological needs, you may face problems later.


Check the amenities and technical capabilities available in the respective hospital before you plan to go ahead. 

Post-surgery arrangements

Lasik surgery is an out-patient activity, and the patient feels normal and gains glasses-free vision in the first 24 hours. However, sometimes, there might arise a need to keep them in observation for longer. Besides, if you are a non-resident in the city, you may need a place to rest post-surgery.


Check if the hospital has provision for a ward or separate cabins with the necessary facilities in case a need arises.

Accommodation, travel, and Visa

In case you are traveling to Delhi from abroad for a Lasik surgery, you can rest assured that there are expert hospitals with world-class treatment options here. Your cost incurred in getting the surgery done would also be significantly less. However, do check in advance whether the hospital you are planning to opt for has provisions for your local stay, travel, and visa aspects.


As you are coming from outside, these factors are equally important in making your surgical experience hassle-free, convenient, and rewarding.

Best Lasik Surgery Eye Hospital in Delhi

Delhi offers several centers that perform laser eye surgery at optimal costs. On average, the Lasik eye surgery cost in Delhi would range between Rs.30000 and Rs. 80000. However, there may be variations in the amount depending on other factors, as discussed above.


In any case, you must choose the best hospital as it concerns your eye. While there are various big names for Lasik surgery in Delhi, the most renowned and recognised are the eye specialists at Vision Eye Centre.

Summing up

Lasik surgery is gaining a lot of prominence, with several centers for surgery in Delhi, among other cities. However, there are some points to keep in mind before you choose a hospital, as described in the article. If you are looking for Lasik surgery in Delhi, Vision Eye Centre is highly recommended.


With its surgeons holding years of experience and world-class facilities, it offers the best eye care services in Delhi. For any queries or assistance on Lasik surgery, feel free to reach out here.


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