What Does The Average LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Cost In Delhi?

What Does The Average LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Cost In Delhi?
What Does The Average LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Cost In Delhi?

Feb 4, 2024

Medicine, like other domains, has made significant progress in the last few years. From cancer and heart diseases to depression and other mental illnesses, everywhere, there’s been considerable advancement. Thanks to the ever-developing and innovative technologies, these were unachievable without them.


One such field of medicine that leveraged technology is eye care. Various note-worthy advances have taken place in this space. A marvelous example is the LASIK surgery that has transformed the lives of many people worldwide.


If you live in north India, you have a lot of Lasik eye surgery centers around Delhi. All you need to do is key in your search bar - “Lasik eye surgery near me” or “Lasik eye surgery in Delhi”.


Read on to understand what is Lasik surgery, its benefits, what Lasik eye surgery costs, and more.

Why is Lasik surgery done?

LASIK expands to laser in-situ keratomileusis, which is becoming an increasingly common medical procedure primarily utilized to correct people's vision. Generally, LASIK serves to rectify the vision issues of those suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.


Lasik surgery is focused on reshaping the cornea, which is the front part of your eye. The objective is to ensure that light focuses on the retina at the back part of the eye.


Primarily, LASIK serves to solve these vision problems:


The issue of light not focusing on the retina, causing blurred images, is often referred to as refractive error.


  • Nearsightedness - This refers to the issue of seeing the near objects clearly while farther ones look hazy.
  • Farsightedness - This refers to the issue of seeing farther objects clearly while those nearby look hazy.
  • Astigmatism - This refers to the issue wherein everything appears hazy due to how your eye is shaped.

What are the broad benefits of Lasik surgery?

Some of the primary benefits of Lasik eye surgery are:


Quick Surgery with immediate outcomes

Lasik surgery is an ultra-quick medical procedure that takes just 15 minutes. And within 24 hours, you will experience an improvement in your vision. Normally, it takes at most 15 days for your normal vision to be restored. You just need to be careful and adhere to some medical precautions like avoiding swimming, direct contact with sunlight, etc. to stay safe.

It is a painless procedure

Unlike most eye surgeries, LASIK is painless and gets over in 15 minutes. Some people feel a slight irritation in the eyes during the surgery, but in most cases, you don’t even require any stitches or bandages. Most importantly, you feel the positive change in your vision within 24 hours.

Provides a confident lifestyle

Most people feel self-conscious wearing glasses or even adjusting to contact lenses. With glasses, you need to manage them carefully; misplacing or losing them puts you in heavy trouble. Thanks to Lasik surgery, which lets you lead a glass-free yet comfortable life with a simple process.

Long-term investment

Some people avoid opting for Lasik surgery, presuming that it is a huge expense. However, in reality, Lasik surgery is a life-long investment. By undergoing this one-time surgery, you end up saving all the money that you would otherwise be spending on glasses, frames, contact lenses, and optometrist visits. It is a great misconception among those who consider LASIK as a costly procedure or extensive surgery.

What is the average Lasik eye surgery cost in India?

Lasik surgery is an extremely gratifying process that is highly beneficial in the long run. In just 15 minutes, you enjoy the experience of viewing this world free of your specks or lenses. That said, various eye care centers in India carry out Lasik eye surgery efficiently.


If you ask about the cost associated with this, usually, the average Lasik eye surgery cost in Delhi ranges anywhere between Rs.85,000 and Rs. 1,00,000. Again, several factors come into play.


For example, if you take the case of conventional Lasik surgery performed with a blade, it ranges between Rs.20000 and Rs.50000, but the surgical risks associated with this are higher than the bladeless varieties. On the flip side, a modern treatment procedure like Femtosecond Bladeless Lasik surgery may cost you somewhere between Rs.80,000 and Rs.1,00,000. These varieties which include iLasik and Contoura are associated with very high safety and quick visual recovery


Furthermore, other refractive surgery, like ICL surgery, may cost anywhere between Rs.1,60,000 and Rs.2,00,000. This is recommended in individuals who are not eligible for lasik surgery such as those with extremely high powers.


So, multiple factors like - the type of Lasik surgery, the power of the eyes, and any other complexities contribute significantly to determining the laser eye surgery cost. Besides, you must undergo a thorough examination and evaluation of your eyes by an eye specialist before you make a decision.


Summing up

In recent times, with people gaining cognizance of medical advances, Lasik eye surgery has become popular. The best aspect is that it is a hassle-free procedure, and the laser eye surgery cost is also affordable for many.


If you are looking for Lasik eye surgery in Delhi, Vision Eye Centre is the most recommended. Equipped with a versatile team of dedicated doctors and support staff, they offer a comfortable yet rewarding Lasik eye surgery experience.


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